MDC Website goes live

Model Design Construction 2015

Model Design Construction 2015

This was the first time I’d been asked to do this sort of thing but I was humbled to be doing so. A business that I’ve worked closely with for around 10 years is winding down and therefore wanted a nice and classy single page putting up in place of their current e-commerce site.

I’m rather chuffed with the outcome myself.

New Samaron website goes live!

Samaron site goes liveAnother day, another website. The old Samaron site was beginning to look dated and so it was decided to bring it up to scratch with a major overhaul, these guys can literally print anything on anything…

From bedroom mirrors in full colour to football pitch sized prints tiled on metal sheets to custom designed carpets, the only limit is your own imagination. Whether you are considering something a little different for your front room or redesigning the inside of a nightclub, Samaron should be your first port of call for all of your wild and wacky (but tasteful) ideas!

New Hallam and Sutherns site goes live…

Yesterday the Hallam and Sutherns website went live, from here you can view their current list of cars for sale, get directions via google maps alongside all of the information you could require prior to visiting their showroom.

Take a look around, you never know, you might just find your next vehicle.

Model Design Construction

“We have employed the services of Golden Gecko for quite a few years now, not only do we entrust them with our website work, they also produce our packaging labels, box fronts and printed catalogues alongside providing us with first class IT support whenever we need it.

We have no idea where we’d be without them, any ideas that we have are quite simply brought to life with the minimum of input from us which leaves us to get on with our jobs.

It’s a pleasure to work alongside them and we look forward to many more years of doing so”

Chris, Bob & Jan

Hallam & Sutherns

This was quite a fun job to do, the company deals primarily in SAAB cars and wanted an online showroom which would be easily updated by their staff of car salesmen.

I always find that this is a particular piece of the puzzle to pay attention to¬† when choosing the platform for a new website. The people who were to eventually be operating it weren’t IT people like myself, they were good at selling cars and therefore didn’t need anything complicated in the CMS.

The final design was a huge success with the staff and I am rather proud to have provided them with an easy solution to their needs at an affordable rate.


“I have worked with Luke from Golden Gecko for a number of years, encompassing various projects, but mainly my website which he created and provides support and enhancements.

What sets Luke apart from the competition is his vast knowledge and his attention to detail in getting you exactly what you want from your project, and more…”

Paul @ Samaron

Grey Matter Figures

I had the pleasure of working alongside Grey Matter Figures from the very conception of the company. This allowed me the opportunity to fully shape the brand, especially since they were all so easy going.

From the website to the initial box labels, I was given free roam over everything from an artistic perspective. For one of my earlier jobs, I think it was something to be quite proud of.

This also allowed me the opportunity to bring in the help of some talented friends who were appreciative of the exposure of their work including a Mr. Danny Smart for his php based goodness and Miss Katie Walters for her photographic skills. It’s nice to be able to pass bits of work on to people and know that you can trust their judgement.

I still have a new site in the works for these and I can’t wait to upload it as their main site once we’ve ironed out all of the creases.